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At The Green Room Landscape Architecture (GRLA) studio, we believe that your outdoor space should be inspired… 
and inspiring.


A landscape design should be a seamless, thoughtful extension of the architecture and aesthetic of the interior spaces. Our philosophy is focused on designing environments that celebrate a commitment to art, ecology and horticulture, while cultivating a unique sense of place.

Our commitment to horticultural best practices, knowledge of the site, and the exploration of new landscape forms is complemented by an extensive background in all levels of the design and construction processes. We have the interest, knowledge and experience to understand and implement a strategy for project funding and promotion. From the earliest stages of a project, we are committed to provide creative, functional, and highly personalized professional services. The Green Room design team is dedicated to building meaningful and enduring relationships with our clients.

The Green Room Collaborative is committed to fostering and maintaining a creative, dynamic and inclusive studio work environment. 

We aspire to employ diverse talent in age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender idenity,  physical and mental ability, and design perspective. 

Applicants are encouraged to submit their portfolios representing their qualifications, design aesthetic, unique talents and inspirations.

Please send your resume and portfolio to :

Areas of expertise

Hand Sketching & Renderings

High Quality Visual Graphics

3D Modeling


3D Imaging for Graphic Renderings

AutoCAD for Construction Documentation

Horticultural Expertise & Consultation


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